Rebeam may be used to design or review a reinforced concrete beam section for shear and/or flexure in accordance with any American or Canadian concrete code. Design criteria include ACI-318, AASHTO, AREMA, AASHTO LRFD, CSA A23.3 or CAN/CSA-S6. The program has built in default values for material strength, stress block, strength reduction factors and resistance factors which are set based on the selected design criteria. These factors may be modified as needed by the user. Review options include checks for ultimate strength, service load stresses, fatigue and crack control.

Program input may be supplied interactively by filling in the GUI tab control form or via an externally created file. Input files may be saved for later editing and reuse. Both english and metric units are supported. The program is not dimensionless; therefore dimensions should be input as indicated in the tooltips while the curser hovers over the controls. The tool tips will indicate the appropriate input units while hovering over the text boxes.

Rectangular, Box or I shape and Tee shape concrete sections may be analyzed. The extreme compression fiber is assumed to be at the upper (top) surface of each shape. Reinforcing steel may consist of both tension and compression steel. The flexure design problem type is available for tension steel only.

Service load stresses are calculated in the concrete and reinforcement using the maximum and minimum service load moments. Allowable fatigue stress range is calculated and compared to the difference between the maximum and minimum service load stresses. Crack control is checked using the maximum service load stress.

Shear calculations are performed using the formulas from each concrete code that include flexural effects. The LRFD codes (AASHTO LRFD, CSA A23.3 and CAN/CSA-S6) calculate the shear strength using the general procedures.