BRGABUT may be used to perform analysis of cantilevered concrete seat type bridge abutments. The program supports both english and metric units. Options are available for spread or pile footings and haunched or non-haunched abutments. The bridge abutments may be analyzed using any American or Canadian bridge design criteria.

Program input may be supplied interactively by filling in the GUI tab control form or via an externally created file. Input files may be saved for later editing and reuse. The program uses lb-in (English) and N-mm (Metric) units internally, however, most input and output values use the more common kip-ft (English) and kN-m (Metric) units. The tool tips will indicate the appropriate input units while hovering over the text boxes.

Abutment analysis may be performed using AASHTO , AREMA, AASHTO LRFD or CAN/CSA-S6 design criteria. The program has built in default values for stress block parameters, strength reduction factors and resistance factors which change depending on the design criteria selected. Load combinations and load factors are initially set based on the selected design criteria and may be modified as needed.

BRGABUT is a review program, however, it has some limited design capabilities. Instead of calculating the shear and moment capability of the reinforced concrete, the program determines the required thickness and reinforcing steel for each critical section. Required footing and pile configurations are not determined.